ENTC – Tromsø Langnes

About the airport

The airport opened on the 14th of September 1964, but the city itself has had flights in several decades already with seaplanes. Tromsø is a main hub in the northern Norway and have a importent role in the local tourism and infrastructure. Tromsø handles 2.2 million tonnes of gods and 1.6million passengers on a yearly basis (2009). To serve this the airport is staffed up with 750 employees, and over 20 different companies located at the airport. Tromsø city is the largest city in northern-Norway with a population near 70 000.

Charts and scenery for ENTC:

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IFR arrivals

Inbound clearence - Expect inbound clearence via STAR to the ILS, descent is instructed by ATC.

Approach - Both runways are equiped with ILS Cat1.

Missed approach - Inform ATC as soon as possible and continue with published missed approach procedures until othervise instructed.

ATIS can be found on frequency 126.125

Parking – 16-17 medium stands, 18-20 small stands, 21-23 is jetways, 24-25 large stand without gate.

IFR Departure

Departure – note that all SIDs have inital climb FL090

Start up/Pushback – on clearance from ATC.

Taxi departure – via Y, backtrack needed for Medium and Heavy aircraft. De-ice at intersections A and E.